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The dashboard (above) shows judicial findings and convictions for the most serious DUI charge within the DUI case filings.

The following judicial findings were classified as guilty findings and/or convictions:

  • Guilty:  The defendant either pleads guilty to the charge or is found guilty at trial.
  • Deferred judgment and sentence: The defendant enters a conditional guilty plea but the final judgment is postponed, pending conditions of supervision.
  • Deferred dismissed: After the successful completion of the deferred judgment.

The following findings were classified as not guilty:

  • Dismissed: The prosecution or court does not believe that the evidence will support the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, which is often used as part of a plea deal, where the defendant will plead guilty to some charges in exchange for the dismissal of other charges.
  • Not guilty: The jury or judge finds that the prosecution did not prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt in a trial.
  • Diversion: A prosecutor may elect not to prosecute and instead offer a diversion program. This results in no charges filed as long as the defendant completes the terms of the diversion.

For analyses involving conviction rates, charges that were dropped down to a final non-DUI charge - for example, an initial charge of Driving while ability impaired that was reduced to a reckless driving charge - were excluded. For analyses involving judicial findings, these charges were classified as "Non-DUI Dispositions".