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This dashboard (above) shows the sentences that individuals with DUI charge convictions received for the DUI with the most serious disposition. Only initial sentences were examined, and the values will not reflect the time the individuals served or money the individuals paid in financial penalties.

Below are definitions of the types of sentences analyzed in greater detail in the dashboard:

Financial Penalties:

  • Fines: money that is owed to the government that helps offset the criminal justice system costs.
  • Restitution: money that individuals convicted of a crime are required to pay to crime victims to account for damages the victim incurred.
  • Surcharges/Fees: additional amounts of money that individuals are required to pay that go to designated funds.

Corrections and Supervision Sentences:

  • Community service: required hours of supervised volunteering 
  • Probation: supervision in the community through a designated agency with required check-ins and conditions as an alternative to incarceration.
  • Community corrections: required time under the supervision of community corrections providers.  
  • Jail: required time to live inside of a correctional facility operated by local municipalities
  • Prison: required time to live inside of a correctional facility operated by the Colorado Department of Corrections