Jail Data Dashboard

To submit a quarterly report, see the Jail Data Collection page

House Bill 19-1297 enacted in May 31, 2019 requires all county jails to collect information covering 3 time periods and report this information to the Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) on a quarterly basis. 

House Bill 21-1211 expanded the data reporting requirements for jails of 400 beds or larger in two ways. First, it expanded the data reporting requirements to include the number of inmates currently in custody with substance use disorder, mental illness, co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness, neurocognitive issues (TBI & dementia), and self-harming behavior. Second, it instituted a new requirement to report data on everyone in large jails who were released from restrictive housing in the past quarter.

The following counties do not operate a jail facility: Cheyenne, Dolores, Hinsdale, Kiowa, Lake, Mineral, Ouray, Phillips, Rio Blanco, Saguache, San Juan, Sedgwick, and Yuma.

Jail Population Dashboard Restrictive Housing Dashboard

Dashboard Notes

The three-time periods in each quarterly report are:
• The prior quarter
• The prior 365 days
• On the first day of the quarter

Warning about Data Quality

Only counties that have submitted data to DCJ will appear on the dashboard.  Not all counties report all required data elements.  Counties can provide explanations for elements that they did not report.  These explanations appear as "Agency Notes" on the dashboard.
When obvious errors are made in the data submitted, counties are contacted and offered the opportunity to correct the submission. This process is ongoing, so the data presented are dynamic and subject to change. Ultimately, however, the dashboard reflects the data submitted by each agency.
The "Statewide" numbers include all data reported by agencies that submitted information.  Not all agencies reported all data elements, as noted above.


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